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Tool for PES 2014 Camera Settings.

supported platforms:

1. PC only

features Settings:

1. change Camera Position ( Height, near and far )

2. change Camera Angle

3. change Camera Angle Modulator

4. import PES 2010 Cameras

5. import PES 2011 Cameras

6. full edit Mid Range, Long, Wide and Pitch Side Cameras


1. installed .NET Framework (at least version 4.0)

how to use:

1. open PES 2014 EXE File

2. open syste.bin

3. change your settinngs

4. push “accept” Button

5. save File´s

thanks to:

PSO Edit Team, Juce, Ariel, jenckey, cabry, moddingway Team, pescorner Team

changelog 1.1:

- full edit Mid Range, Long, Wide and Pitch Side Cameras

- import PES 2010 Cameras

- import PES 2011 Cameras


uploaded.png zippyshare.png multiupload.png mirrorcreator.png



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