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دانلود SMoKE Patch Gold v0.2.1 Released


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درود فراوان


چند مدتی هست سایت خوابیده و کمتر فعالیتی صورت میگیره البته بی دلیل هم نبوده ایام عزاداری محرم و همچنین نزدیک شدن به امتحانات ترم و ... همه باعث شده اما خوب


باز هم سعی میکنیم مثل همیشه توی پچ ها و ... آپدیت باشیم و همچنین مدیران فعال رو جذب کنیم و از مدیرانی که توانایی همکاری با ما را فعلا ندارند تشکر و قدردانی کنیم


پچ جدید تیم اسموک پچ هم منتشر شد پچ بسیار خوبی هست


First of all, I would want to say "Sorry" to every SMoKE fan out there, waiting for this update! I am extremely sorry that we were really very slow in making this update. But finally, it is here.

V0.2 should be installed before this update

Special Thanks to dido_smoke (Fadi Alkam)

SMoKE Team: Mohamed Elshafey, EL Anezs, Larry Stephen Facoly, Parash Devkota and Ayush Sanchez

Credits: PESEDIT (kits), Jenkey1002, Ball Makers, Bootmakers, Facemakers and Kit Makers.

Special Credits to all the people mentioned in our credits page.



Update 0.2.1


0.2 should be installed before this update.

Features 0.2.1 :


- Bundesliga


With this update you can have full bundesliga in your pes14. Teams have been renamed, emblems has been replaced, kits have been added.

- Barclays Premier League


With this update you will have a complete BPL in your pes 14, This update will add kits and emblems to all PL teams.

- Kits of nationalities replaced.


We have worked in the kits for the nations like Brazil, Argentina etc and replaced with the re textured one.

- Fake nations replaced

- SweetFX fix added

- Fixed lineups for teams.

- Missing players added.

- Minor edits to game play for your enjoyment.


1. The password for extracting .rar is smoke

2. You must have v0.2 installed to install v0.2.1

3. Disable your anti-virus during the installation and better to white-list the Pro Evolution soccer folder

4. Run the setup as an administrator.

5. After complete installation, run the pes2014.exe as an administrator too.


PES SMoKE Patch series is a Modding series on a soccer game by KONAMI. Since KONAMI doesn't have licensing, original names, kits and competitions, the game is incomplete.

So, for the completion of that part, SMoKE has been making patches.

This patching is done by Fadi Alkam(dido_Smoke) from 2009 - 2013, but he is unable to continue this work and then a few of his fans thought of continuing this series.

The new group (named themselves as SMoKE Team) with direct help and assistance from dido_smoke have started to make new patch for 2014 and on.

The patching would have never been successful without our beloved fans, the tweaks and tools made by other respectful people.


NEXT Update

GOLD V6.0 with dlc2.00 and new official patch 1.02

Date: within a week after the release of DLC2.00






بزودی بعد از آپلود شدن و قرار گرفتن در سایت اصلی پچ








Part 1: SMoKE_Patch_v0.2.1.part1.rar - Solidfiles

Part 2: SMoKE_Patch_v0.2.1.part2.rar - Solidfiles

Part 3: SMoKE_Patch_v0.2.1.part3.rar - Solidfiles

Part 4: SMoKE_Patch_v0.2.1.part4.rar - Solidfiles

Part 5: SMoKE_Patch_v0.2.1.part5.rar - Solidfiles

Part 6: SMoKE_Patch_v0.2.1.part6.rar - Solidfiles




Part 1: FreakShare - Easy One-Click File Hosting

Part 2: FreakShare - Easy One-Click File Hosting

Part 3: FreakShare - Easy One-Click File Hosting

Part 4: FreakShare - Easy One-Click File Hosting

Part 5: FreakShare - Easy One-Click File Hosting

Part 6: FreakShare - Easy One-Click File Hosting




Part 1: SMoKE_Patch_v0.2.1.part1.rar | Game Front

Part 2: SMoKE_Patch_v0.2.1.part2.rar | Game Front

Part 3: SMoKE_Patch_v0.2.1.part3.rar | Game Front

Part 4: SMoKE_Patch_v0.2.1.part4.rar | Game Front

Part 5: SMoKE_Patch_v0.2.1.part5.rar | Game Front

Part 6: SMoKE_Patch_v0.2.1.part6.rar | Game Front






Part 1: SendMyWay - Simple One Click Hosting

Part 2: SendMyWay - Simple One Click Hosting

Part 3: SendMyWay - Simple One Click Hosting

Part 4: SendMyWay - Simple One Click Hosting

Part 5: SendMyWay - Simple One Click Hosting

Part 6: SendMyWay - Simple One Click Hosting






Part 1: Zippyshare.com - SMoKE_Patch_v0.2.1.part1.rar

Part 2: Zippyshare.com - SMoKE_Patch_v0.2.1.part2.rar

Part 3: Zippyshare.com - SMoKE_Patch_v0.2.1.part3.rar

Part 4: Zippyshare.com - SMoKE_Patch_v0.2.1.part4.rar

Part 5: Zippyshare.com - SMoKE_Patch_v0.2.1.part5.rar

Part 6: Zippyshare.com - SMoKE_Patch_v0.2.1.part6.rar - See more at: SMoKE Patch Gold v0.2.1 Released!!!




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